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Our production sites

Sassnitz-Neu Mukran - a picturesque place with precious treasures

Since 2008 GruberPaints has been located in Sassnitz-Neu Mukran on Rügen, German Cretaceous island on the Baltic Sea. The island not only inspired the works of artist Caspar David Friedrich it has also been an important location for the production of chalk since 1845. GruberPaints is based close to the natural source of this key raw ingredient used throughout production.

Visualization of our production in Sassnitz on Ruegen-New Mukran

Löcknitz – energy reserve between East and West

Since 2000, the production plant has been located close to major transit routes, 150 km north of Berlin, near the town of Löcknitz. Currently paints and coatings mainly bound for the European markets are produced here and can be delivered directly to their point of sale. GruberPaints is located next to the renewable source of energy used in production - 50 hectares of naturally grown forest, maintained by the forestry. The majority of oak and pine-covered terrain provides a continuous, stable source of heating for our production and management, at the same time contributing to the valuable CO2- neutrality of our company.

Aerial view of our production in Löcknitz